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About Us

I come from three generations of contractors. My grandfather was a simple painter who would just paint for friends and neighbors as a side job, but my father expanded his skillset to accomplish projects such as accent walls and faux painting. I had helped my dad since I was 12 years old and soon after my graduation I started working for a General Engineering Contractor. I learned a lot of new skills while refining my old ones.

In 2008, I started my own company working as a handyman. I took on all different kinds of jobs, big and small, some projects more ambitious than others. Along the way, I grew as a person, and so did my skillset and company.

Today, we are a fully functional CA and WA State Licensed General Contractor Company. Having recently relocated to Washington State and establishing the new base for the company was a big plus for us. Now, along with having a friendly attitude and a skilled crew, we are licensed in two states and are ready to make your dreams a reality. We are proud to make our contribution to the community. 

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